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      Miami Boat Survey is a Boat Surveyor company offering professional Boat Surveys to Companies and Individuals Looking to Sell, Purchase or Finance a Boat or Yacht in Miami and South Florida.

            Principal Marine Surveyor Ariel Cabrera has been involved in many areas of the marine industry. Ariel is especially familiar with vessel construction, operation, and maintenance. He has surveyed hundreds of boats since 2005 and has published numerous technical boating articles.

 As an Accredited Marine Surveyor (AMS®) with Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Ariel has passed rigorous written testing requirements to obtain that credential and works with marine experts in order to provide the best service and reports. He offers a flexible range of services catering to client needs at competitive rates. As an independent, self-employed marine surveyor he represents both public and private sectors of the maritime community.

 We offer the following types of Surveys:

Condition and Valuation
Damage and Assesment
Insurance and Finance

We also offer the following Scuba Dive Services:

Dock & Breakwall Inspections

Hull & Machinery Inspections

Propeller Inspection & Replacement

Small Item Search & Recovery for Sunken Vessels

Also Inspections of:

• Bottom paint
• Thru hulls
• Rudders
• Shafts
• Cutless bearings
• Depth sounder
• Anodes
• Propellers
• Keel
• Screw, nuts, and bolts
Compare to fuel loss and other costs due to a dirty hull, how can you afford not to have your hull cleaned which offers the most economical, convenient and safe alternative.

Hull and Prop Inspections

An unfortunate, but far too common occurrence, is the occasional grounding. In most cases causing little if any damage. However, not all are as lucky as this may cause serious damage to the hull and or prop. Most boat owners want to know, and are willing to pay for the boat to be lifted from the water to confirm the condition. This can be a costly experience, and is not unheard of to have it happen more than once a year. For a fraction of the cost, we will confirm your boats condition and have you on your way shortly after we begin. Why miss a beautiful day just to find out there was nothing wrong.

Prop Replacement

Many factors can cause a prop to require replacement, a job that most owners have their boats lifted from the water to complete. However, in most cases this is not necessary. At a fraction of the cost of having your boat lifted and the replacement completed, we will change the prop while in the water.

If you need any our Professional Services described above
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